Outdoor Gas Grills and all their component parts, except as detailed below “**” are warranted to be free from defective materials or workmanship when subjected to normal domestic use for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of original retail purchase. Vintage agrees to repair or replace, at its option, any part which fails or is found to be defective during the warranty period. **: Any painted or cosmetic items are warranted to be free of defective material or workmanship for a period of )thirty days from the date of the original retail purchase, ANY DEFECTS MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS OF THE ORIGINAL DATE OF THE RETAIL PURCHASE. Vintage uses the latest and most up to date processes and materials to produce all the different items and parts on your Vintage product. There may however be slight variations noticed, due to inherent differences as well as differences in lighting, product locations and other factors. Failure to use the grill cover and proper maintenance may result in ineligibility for cosmetic part replacement.


Infrared burners, stainless steel briquette trays and drip pans which fail due to defective materials or workmanship when subjected to normal domestic use and service, will be repaired or replaced, free of charge for the part itself, with the owner paying all other costs, including labor. Scratching, corrosion and discoloration due to improper use and care of the outdoor product is excluded from this warranty.


U-Burners, grates and any stainless steel body housings or parts (with the exception of those mentioned above) which rusts through due to defective materials or workmanship when subjected to normal domestic use during the lifetime of the grill of the original purchaser, will be repaired or replaced free of charge for the part itself, with the owner paying for all other costs. This warranty excludes surface scratches, discoloration and corrosion which may occur during regular use.

This warranty is only applicable to products purchased in the United States and Canada, and is only available to the original owner of the product and is not transferable. Product must be purchased in the country where service is requested. Manufacture requires reasonable proof of your date of purchase; therefore, you should retain your sales slip or invoice and return via mail the Product Registration information. If registration information is not available, the proof of purchase will be required. Owner shall be liable for proper installation, providing normal maintenance and care. Warranty shall not apply to damage resulting from abuse, natural disaster and improper operation and installation by anyone other than an authorized Vintage Corporation service agency or representative. If the product or one of its component parts contains a malfunction or defect during the warranty period, after reasonable number of attempts by the warrantor to remedy the defects or malfunctions, the owner is entitled to either a refund or replacement of the product or component part or parts. Warrantor’s liability on any claim of any kind, with respect to the goods covered hereunder, shall in no case exceed the cost of the goods or part thereof which gives rise to the claim.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

For parts & service please call 1-866-755-7981


  • Warranty only applies to the original purchases and may not be transferred.
  • Warranty shall not apply and Vintage is not responsible for damage resulting from abuse, alteration or tampering with the grill, misuse, flare-up fires, improper installation and accidents.
  • Installation, start-up damages or problems resulting from improper installation or use.
  • Limited to the replacement of defective parts with the owner responsible for all other costs including labor.
  • Service, damage or repair by an unauthorized service provider.
  • Display models are generally sold “as is.” If you have purchased a display model, any missing components will be replaced at consumer’s expense; major handling damage to manifold, valve and ignition system will be serviced at consumer’s expense. All other standard warranty will remain in effect.
  • For items deemed to be “customer replaceable” (such as light bulbs), no labor will be covered.
  • If a grill requires service and the home is 50 miles or more away from the nearest servicer, an additional travel fee may apply.